7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness



Community Service is meant to link the community with the college for mutual benefit. The college finds an opportunity to develop social responsibility among students and also emerge as a socially responsible institution.

Arihant College was one of the very first educational institutes coming forward to support local authorities in the time of the Pandemic by providing its premises infrastructure for the Covid Care CentreVaccination Centre.


Community Service shall be an integral part of the curriculum, as an alternative to the two months of Summer Internships / Apprenticeships / On the Job Training, whenever there is an exigency when students cannot pursue their summer internships.

Our students of BBA (HA) voluntarily joined the corona warrior’s team in different hospitals of Indore at the peak of the Pandemic.

The specific objectives are:

  • To sensitize the students to the living conditions of the people who are around them.
  • To help students to realize the stark realities of society.
  • To bring about an attitudinal change in the students and help them to develop societal consciousness.

• To make students aware of their inner strength and help them to find out of box solutions