Committee And it's Role


The College has maintained an administrative set up in which the Principal is given freedom with the Governing Body of college mainly to take care of the financial responsibilities for the development of the college. The college has constituted 12 committees headed by IQAC to execute various activities from admission to examination and even beyond that. There is constant interaction among the functional units of all committees. The functions of each committee are well defined to ensure administrative decentralization. The Proposals are generated at grass root level and after careful consideration the recommendations of the various committees are forwarded to the Principal for the final decision. The decisions are implemented by various committees in a decentralized way to conveners and members of the respective committees.


The  College has constituted 12 committees headed by IQAC to execute various activities from admission to examination and even beyond that . There are constant interactions among the functional units of all the committees. The functions of each committee are well defined to ensure administrative decentralization.

The Committee are as following

  1. Admission Committee
  2. Academic Committee
  3. Examination and Evaluation Committee
  4. Maintanance Committee
  5. Cultural Events Committee
  6. Library Committee
  7. Sports Committee
  8. Discipline and Anti Ragging Committee
  9. Students Walfare Committee
  10. Advertisement Committee
  11. Grievance Redressal Cell
  12. Placement Cell
  13. Research Cell
  14. Women Empowerment Cell
  15. Guidance and Counseling Cell
  16. Extension Activity Cell
  17. Parents Teacher Association
  18. Alumni Association
  19. Student council
  20. Purchasing committee


  1. Creation of a learner – centric environment conducive for quality education by adopting the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process.
  2. Arrangement for feedback responses from students, parents, industries, alumni and other stakeholders on quality – related institutional processes;
  3. Dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of higher education.
  4. Organization of inter and intra institutional workshop, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles.
  5. Documentation of the various programmes / activities of Arihant College leading to quality improvement.
  6. Acting as a nodal agency of Arihant College for coordinating quality – related activities, including adoption and dissemination of good practices.
  7. To ensure smooth functioning of all the comities under this cell for attaining the highest quality standards.


The role of admission committee at Arihant College is as following:

  1. The Admissions Committee is responsible for the student admission in all programmes.
  2. The admissions committee endeavours to identify applicants with the greatest likelihood of success in attaining the degree.
  3. The admissions committee tracks the success of the admissions process each year by maintaining a database of pertinent information on the applicants.
  4. This committee reviews admission requirements for the program annually.
  5. Facilitate students up to enrolment in the university.
  6. Ensure that the interdisciplinary goals and focus of the program are maintained.
  7. Ensure that the quality of student training remains consistently high throughout the program.
  8. Periodically review program issues and develop proposals for policy revision when needed.
  9. Make individual decision regarding requests for major shifts in a student’s course program.


The  role of academic committee at Arihant College is as following :

  1. The prepare and Academic calendar to be executed in the upcoming session.
  2. To ensure quality with regard to pedagogy, to check the notes and study material prepared by ach faculty.
  3. Syllabus coverage should be checked and for any deviation should be completed in the given period.
  4. Any difficulty found in completing in syllabus should be represented to the Principal.
  5. Utilization of modern teaching tools such as smart board should be effectively used with the availability resources in the college.
  6. Periodic review of registers maintained by the faculty.
  7. The critical analytical subjects felt by the students must be taken through special classes in case of demand by the students.
  8. Exercise problems from the text book can be given as assignment in each unit of the subject, weight age can be given along with assessment text.
  9. The following classroom observation should be followed scrupulously
  • Attendance
  • Class note verification
  • Questioning and reasoning
  • Need based taeaching
  • Student discipline ( ID Card, Dress Code, Shoe etc)
  1. Once a year to take feedback of the students in the prescribed feedback form of the Institute.


The role of Activity and Cultural Events committee at Arihant College is as following :

  1. To plan curriculum , co curricular and extracurricular activities to ensure all round development of the students.
  2. Documentation of the various programmes/ activities leading to quality improvement.
  3. Responsible for all the intra and inter college events.
  4. To plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year.
  5. To organize and celebrate fests.
  6. To organize and celebrate festivals.
  7. To arrange other cultural events on campus after the classes.
  8. To prepare and send students for various inter college competitions organized by other institutes.
  9. To organize various cultural activities according to academic calendre.
  10. To inculcate the sense of belongingness, team work, coordination & amicability.
  11. To enhance the social skills in students besides their professional education.


The role of Grievance committee at Arihant College is as following :

  1. To develop an organizational framework to resolve Grevances of students and other stakeholders.
  2. To provide the students access to immediate, hassle free recourse to have their Grievance redressed.
  3. To enlighten the students on their duties and responsibilities to access benefits due under the policies.
  4. To establish structured interactions with students to elicit information on their expectations.
  5. To institute a monitoring mechanism to oversee the functioning of the Grievance Redressal Policy.
  6. To ensure a democratic environment in the campus.
  7. To acquaint all the students about their rights and duties.
  8. To solve the various personal and educational related grievances of students.
  9. To ensure the qualitative as well as quantitative development of the institution through the grievance and Redressal cell.


The role of Discipline Committee at Arihant College is as following :

  1. To prepare guidelines and parameters for various committees & cells to watch whether execution of plans are done within stipulated period or not.
  2. Periodic review of the system which is being maintained by various committees and cells.
  3. To monitor outreach activities of the
  4. Development and application of quality benchmark for various activities of the college.
  5. To ensure that students must attend lectures, practical’s, tutorials, etc. as per the Time Table. They must not abstain themselves from classes, practical’s, tutorials , examination etc. without written permission of the Principal
  6. The Identity Card is meant for identifying bonafide students and is used for permitting the student to participate in various activities and programs of the college. To ensure that every students must wear the Identity card as long as he/she is in the college campus.. It must be produced by the student whenever demanded by a member of the teaching or non teaching staff of the college.
  7. To ensure that the conduct of the students in the classes and in the premises of the college shall be such as will cause no disturbance to teachers,fellow students.
  8. To ensure that no Society or Association shall be found in the College and no person should be invited on the College Campus without the specific permission of the Principal. The Principal has a right to refuse such permission.
  9. To check that no students will be allowed to conduct any political activity in the college premises.Matters not covered above will be decided at the discretion of the Principal.
  10. To monitor , direct and oversee the functions and performance of the Anti Ragging Squads in prevention and curbing of ragging in the institution.
  11. To be vigilant at all hours including at odd hours all around the Campus and other places vulnerable to incidents of, and having the potential of, ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.
  12. Conduct anonymous random surveys among fresher’s to check wheather the campus is indeed free from ragging.
  13. To ensure the display of poster/tabs on main and Departmental Notice Boards and other places such as canteen, library, Sports Lounge and other prominent designated places.

Acts of misbehavior, misconduct, indiscipline or various of the rules of discipline mentioned above are liable for one or more punishments as started below :

  1. Warning to the students.
  2. Warning to the students as well as a letter to the parents.
  3. Imposition of a fine.
  4. Denial of library, Laboratory, NSS, Student aid or any other facility for a specified period or for the whole Term/Year.
  5. Cancellation of Terms.
  6. Refusal of admission in the next term or academic year.
  7. Cancellation of Admission
  8. Expulsion from the college for a specified period.


The role of Women  Empowerment Cell at Arihant College is as following :

  1. To resolve issue pertaining to girls/ woman’s sexual harassment.
  2. To equip the female students, faculty and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.
  3. To safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members.
  4. To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of Grievances.
  5. To incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college.
  6. To ensure personality along with academic development of students.


  1. Students report their grievance to the class representator.
  2. A member who feels that he or she has been harassed can also approach the Principal or committee head personally.


Any member found to have harassed another member or guest will be subject to appropriate disciplinary procedure action, including reprimands, suspension or termination.

  • After knowing grievance of students, class representator discusses it with the Principal and then an appropriate solution is found out. If not solved at this level then grievance is taken up to the IQAC Cell.
  • The complainant shall be summoned to hear complaints ( if necessary)
  • After hearing of complaints, the committee shall take appropriate decision.


To role of guidance, counseling and placement cell at Arihant College are :

  • It serves as a vital link between the students of the college and the potential employers of Industry.
  • It focuses on widening the job prospects for those students who want to launch themselves in a career and to sharpen the knowledge about the courses available for those who want to pursue higher studies.
  • To gather and disseminate information on job avenues and placement in different institutions and concerns related to the courses that the college offers to interested students.
  • Organize seminar and guidance workshop by experts from the industry and intuitions on
  • Soft Skills
  • Emerging professional trends and events, job profiles ,leadership roles, entrepreneurship and career opportunities in different fields of study.
  • Creating awareness about the opportunities to pursue higher studies in Indian and abroad.
  • Facilitating the actual recruitment procedure.
  • Maintaining record of all activities and the outcome of each of them
  • Preparing the database of the graduating students giving details about their educational qualification, career choice etc.
  • The guidance and counseling help desk was active since the beginning of the admissions till the orientation programmes to guide the students for making correct choices in terms of subject combinations and for choosing the right option for them. The other queries of the students were also answered.


The role of Library Committee at Arihant College is :

  • The Libraries Committee shall advise and make recommendations on all the matters pertinent to the research and general service functions of the libraries, including allocation of funds for the increase of library holdings.
  • The Libraries Committee shall serve as a conduit for suggestions from faculty and students for the improvement of the libraries.
  • The Libraries Committee is responsible for planning for the upkeep and future development of the college Library and the purchase of books for the Library.
  • From time to time it reviews the regulations governing the use of the Library and other matters concerning the Library such as the borrowing of books and disciplinary matters.
  • To hold meetings to discuss important issues regarding Library.
  • To involve all the faculty members in the selection of books pertaining to their subjects.
  • To take decision on purchase of books.
  • To visit libraries of other institutions and recommend the addition of new journals.
  • To display book flaps of new arrivals.
  • To suggest extra working hours of the Library when needed.
  • To take action for violation of norms.
  • To get recommendation for purchase of new books from teachers and students.
  • To keep pace with modern technology.


The role of Research Committee at Arihnat College is as following :

  • Encouraging publications in form of journals and research papers.
  • Encouraging peer learning among the staff members.
  • To organize Seminar, Workshop, faculty Development Programme and Conference so that research culture may be maintained.
  • Plan for the collaborative activities such as
  • Consultancy
  • Faculty Exchange
  • Students Publications in Collaboration with Journals.
  • Internship Training
  • Students Exchange
  • Summer Classes
  • Research sharing and networking with other institutions in Indian and abroad.
  • Working with researches , research clusters and units to develop college contributions (where appropriate) to national and international seminars and workshop opportunities.
  • Communicating and publicizing the successes and outputs of college Research activities.
  • Enhancing relationships and working with research committees in other colleges within the University.
  • Developing external relationships with funding agencies, nationally and internationally and with other Universities and Research Institutions.


Exam committee conducting  internal assessment and external assessment examination related work as per University notifications and ordinance.

  • Exam Committee shall prepare and display an overall supervision duty list as

well as daily supervision duty list on the staff notice board.

  • The Exam Committee shall ensure that adequate stationery are made available.
  • The Exam Committee shall hold a pre-exam meeting to brief the members of faculty with regard to the examination procedures and the role and responsibilities
  • Committee should collect examiners’ names for assessment and moderation of each subject from respective HODs.


The role of extension activity cell at Arihnat College is as following

  • Arouse social consciousness of the students by providing them opportunities to work with and among the people.
  • Develop an awareness and knowledge of social realities to have concern for the well being of the community and engage in creative and constructive social action.
  • Provide with rich and meaningful educational experiences to them in order to make their education complete and meaningful.
  • Develop skill needed in the exercise of democratic leadership and programme development to help them get self-employed.
  • Give them the opportunities for their personality development.
  • Understand the community in which they work.
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community.
  • Identify the needs and problems of the social and involve them in problem solving process.
  • Develop among themselves a sense of civic responsibility.
  • Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • Gain skill in mobilizing community participation.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Practice national integration and social harmony.


The role of maintanance committee  at Arihnat College is as following

Ensure regular maintenance of the building and the equipments of the Institute.

The committee’s objective is to coordinate with the people responsible for the maintenance and monitor the quality and given time frame of the job.

Monitor routine maintenance in the Institute on daily basis.

Monitor routine annual maintenance of the Institute and related infrastructure thereof.

Monitor and arrange major and minor repairs of lab equipments and office accessories.


The role of Placement cell at Arihnat College is as following

  • Give knowledge, improve skill with aptitude test.
  • Gathering information about job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements. Organizing pre-placement training/workshops/seminars for students
  • Create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career objectives.
  • Guide the students in developing skills and job-search strategies required to achieve their career objectives.
  • Identify suitable potential employers and help them achieve their hiring goals.
  • Organize activities concerning career planning.
  • Act as a bridge between students, alumni and employers


The role of Students walfare committee  at Arihnat College is as following

The Student Welfare Committee is responsible for developing, reviewing, and evaluating plans and setting directions for student affairs in accordance with the vision, mission and strategic plan of the institute.

The goal of the student welfare cell is to provide time management, academic success skills, conflict   resolution, dealing with difficult situations and providing stress prevention techniques and diagnostic services.